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December 10, 2018 at 12:11 AM EST
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

" TERA-Recovery "

Recovery of Server, Application, and Data in minutes

TERA-Recovery is the first easy to use Windows Server recovery solution to deliver a seamless integrated strategy for rapid server, application, and data recovery.


Business continuance, regulatory compliance and disaster recovery are major tasks for all IT departments today. A cost effective solution for these tasks is required to relief IT staff of the heavy burden required to complete these important operational tasks.

TERA-Recovery is the first easy to use Windows Server recovery solution to deliver a seamless integrated strategy for rapid server, application, and data recovery. TERA-Recovery is a cost effective, fully managed, and automated solution to bring your mission critical applications back online in less than 1 hour. In case of a site or system failures, TERA-Recovery services ensure that critical Application data, databases and email systems are reliably protected, and readily available to keep your enterprise operational.


Key Benefit:

  • Greatly shortens recovery process to reduce downtime and maintain productivity
  • Reliably captures data needed to boot an application server in the event of a virus attack, application malfunction or hard disk crash
  • Unique Snapshot technology ensures transactional integrity of database/message stores for rapid time to recovery with minimal impact on server performance
  • Disk recovery is performed in the background while the system continues to run at the remote site, eliminating downtime during disk repair.
  • Performs efficient data backup by replicating only data that has changed since the last replication
  • Maintains consistent point-in-time copies of database or message system data to ensure immediate, granular recovery from primary disk in case of site failure. Which will provide continuous business operations in case of disaster.

How it works

  • Server images including applications and server system settings are captured daily to ensure up to date image is available for rapid recovery.
  • Data is continuously replicated utilizing snapshots (Customer driven); multiple recovery points are available.
  • In case of server failure, the server is booted via offsite TERA-Recovery server image over an IP network. Recovery Server then connects to replicate data to ensure application is up and running in less than 1 hour.
  • If data is corrupted, the data is restored from a point-in-time (PiT) copy stored onsite or offsite. This process adds time to the restore since it is dependant on the size of the data.
  • For fast Recovery Time Objective, on-site appliance is required.
  • For disaster recovery, server images (or stored on-site appliance) are replicated over IP network to StorageASP offsite POP. In the event of a complete site failure, you can operate from offsite POP then initiate a complete system, data, and bare metal recovery to a designated recovery site.

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Continuous Data Protection for Direct Attached Storage

TERA-Recovery provides continuous data protection. When coupled with a Database Aware Snapshot Agent, application data is replicated and backed up in a valid, transaction accurate state. In addition to continuous data replication, the service enables user initiated backup and recovery operations and fully leverages Snapshot Agent technology to deliver point-in-time recovery of databases. To ensure full and rapid recovery, it supports remote boot recovery via iSCSI HBA or PXE. And supports remote restore via recovery CD. IT managers can easily achieve even the most stringent recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Achieves Recovery Point Objectives via Rapid Recovery Solutions

TERA-Recovery offers a unique, Snapshot Service that provides delta-based, point-in-time (PiT) recovery points and safeguards against soft-errors such as accidental deletions, file corruptions, and virus attacks. In addition to increasing backup frequency, and reducing the risk window, file-level recoveries can be performed quickly. In addition, the service allows users or applications to request fast, space-efficient delta snapshots via Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) interface, and performs policy-based, automatic delta snapshots of application hosts to significantly reduce potential data loss and ensure business continuity.

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