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December 10, 2018 at 12:24 AM EST
Solutions Overview

StorageASP software products are enterprise-level storage solutions that deliver on the promises of efficiency, performance, availability, security, cost savings and quick time to market.


StorageASP has developed its TERA suite of software products and service and device modules to address the storage service management challenges faced by Enterprises and Service Providers.

The StorageASP TERA suite of software products are based on industry proven and leading edge SAN technology ensuring high availability of storage assets. Our innovative and robust products allow organizations to operate and manage their storage services with our unique guaranteed service levels.

StorageASP software products are enterprise-level storage solutions that deliver on the promises of efficiency, performance, availability, security, cost savings and quick time to market.

Our software products and service modules are available in both Enterprise and Service Provider Editions


TERA-Manager is a software application that enables centralized and remote monitoring of storage activities throughout the organization's storage architecture. Completely interoperable with all of the leading storage hardware and software products, TERA-Manager monitors all storage assets and service activity.

TERA-Manager consists of three (3) components: client, server and console. Together these components allow TERA-Manager to gather storage service activity data and monitor the status of distributed storage assets.


TERA-Portal is a web-based management portal that empowers organizations to provide storage services with real-time reporting and operations management capabilities. TERA-Portal provides unparalleled centralized control over the entire organization's storage infrastructure and unmatched storage service operation and reporting capabilities.

TERA-Portal can provide turnkey storage service management and delivery. TERA-Portal consists of various "systems" that can streamline the entire storage service order and delivery process including order process management, product management, service management, policy and rule management, resource management, trouble ticket management and operations support.

TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal work in concert to manage the storage services of the organization. TERA-Manager passes on the storage service activity data to TERA-Portal. From there, TERA-Portal filters and displays the vital statistics and metrics to the operator through a user-friendly browser interface to allow for centralized management of the entire storage infrastructure.

Service Modules

StorageASP also provides a complete range of storage service modules designed to easily plug into TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal for quick and easy provisioning of storage services. Available storage service modules range from simple backup and restore to high end mirroring functionality.

Device Modules

StorageASP also provides device modules that facilitate the interaction between an organization's existing diverse storage resources and TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal. Device modules are available for most major storage software and hardware vendors' products. Other device modules are under development.

Value to Enterprises
TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal empower corporate IS departments to effectively manage storage services and perform chargeback activities within their organizations. TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal allow centralized management of the storage infrastructure and remote monitoring across multi-vendor and multi-site storage resources. With TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal, Enterprises can also automate much of the labor-intensive activities associated with storage service management freeing up IS staff to focus on other priorities.
Value to Service Providers
TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal were designed to meet the storage service management and service delivery needs of Service Providers. These applications empower Service Providers to quickly launch storage services and generate revenue. StorageASP's storage service management solutions supply all the tools Service Providers need to offer storage as a service. With TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal, Service Providers can quickly provide cost-effective storage management solutions to their valued customers.

StorageASP's service modules easily plug into TERA-Manager and TERA-Portal empowering Service Providers to quickly offer their customers a spectrum of storage services ranging from straightforward backup and restore to high-end data mirroring services. These additional services can supply Service Providers with new revenue opportunities based on providing a range of disaster recovery and business continuance services. The storage service modules available for deployment are:

TERA-Back A proven data protection backup and restore service that protects against data loss and corruption. With TERA-Back, data recovery and restoration is automated and guaranteed.
TERA-Rep Provides a connection to best-of-breed disk storage devices, giving the most flexible and intelligent real-time data replication
TERA-Stor Provides a centrally managed primary data storage system for client servers. TERA-Stor offers highly available NAS and SAN data storage technology in a highly secure and reliable environment
TERA-Monitor Provides comprehensive remote monitoring of enterprise customers' storage devices and applications. With TERA-Monitor, storage devices located in remote sites can be monitored and the storage functions managed.
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